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Whilst we are accepting applications, posting of said applications is currently on a small hold, for the layout of the main page and the style of the applications is being revamped. We ask only for your patience during this time.

Many thanks,
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Admin Note:

Hey everyone~! Sorry I’ve been so absent! Both on Jaxon and on the main page. But I’m gonna spend some time here today. I’ve got two apps to approve and post up, and some other basic admin-y stuff.

If anyone would like to contact me, most of you do have my aim and/or skype. But just in case, I’ll put my aim here for anyone that doesn’t.


And as always, thank you guys so fucking much for sticking around while we’re working everything out. It really means the world to us admins. You all are the best. <3

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Milo Hayes • 26 • Bisexual • FC: Tyler Hoechlin • TAKEN

Where are you from? Have you grown up in New York all of your life or are you temporarily visiting our fair city?

"I was born and raised here." Milo replied, not really thinking about it much. "We— well I moved away when I was twenty-two. The classic thing of wanting to get out on my own and experience life. Well I did that and more— took me to some dark places but that’s over and done with now." It certainly was a part of his life that he didn’t like thinking about. "Turned my life around within two years and I guess that’s how I became a firefighter. Something about being able to help a family, or to save a kid who gets stuck. For someone like me it’s nice to see good you know? For so long all I surrounded myself with was darkness— and this is just my little slice of light if that makes any sense."

What are you doing here? Are you studying in one of our universities or here to visit some relatives? Do you have a job or are you simply attracted to the lights and glamour?

Thinking back to his family, Milo wasn’t really sure how to answer the question. “Well obviously I’m here to work— got a job since I came back home.” The reason he came back was because of his two younger siblings, they needed him and for once in his life Milo wasn’t going to run away. It’s true what they say, once you get used to it then you can’t seem to stop yourself. “I also have family here that I haven’t seen in a few years, so it’d be nice to see them. Other than that, I just intend on working and you know— being a productive citizen and all that fun stuff.” Milo wasn’t even sure if he believed himself, there were just some things that you can’t really take back. He knew that Mark and Summer wouldn’t take kindly to him coming home, but they were family and at the end of the day that was all that mattered to him.

Any other activity we should know about? You’re not looking for trouble, are you? 

"I suppose I’m pretty boring." Now Milo knew that was a lie, he was anything but boring. Leaving when he did was a big deal because he knew that it would cause him to lose the most important people in his life, but in the end he had to do it. Being a criminal wasn’t all he thought it would be in the beginning, after you bury a few of your friends everything just changes. "I enjoy cars— working out mostly or just walking. One time I meant to walk to the store, but then suddenly it was a few hours later and I was completely out of my neighborhood. Something about learning the streets around you— I grew up here but even then I didn’t know everything until I walked." There were times when Milo would just ramble, completely getting off topic. "I also like books— nothing like the smell of a new book. I almost bought a Kindle but the desire of being able to hold a book meant a lot more to me."

How would you describe yourself? And don’t tell us that you’re perfect. We know there’s bound to be something wrong with you. You’re here after all, right? 

"What isn’t wrong with me?" He asked, a frown forming. "That’s such a loaded question because most people will tell you how perfect they are and that’ll be the end of it." Tapping his finger on the desk in front of him, usually by now he would have walked out but he knew his boss told him this was necessary. "I don’t like talking— especially to people I don’t trust. Most people say that’s my major problem— I have trust issues like it’s a fucking surprise." Whenever he was getting angry, Milo tended to curse a lot more.

"With my history you’d think it’s normal right? Wrong. There’s always someone wanting to get in and make me better. Not that I need fixing but there’s always room for improvement right? I’m also impulsive so I don’t think before I act." That caused him to snort lowly. "I suppose you can say that resulted in my criminal history— not thinking is fun. All you do is just go and that’s what got me addicted to it. Worrying stops you from living sometimes and that’s not someone I want to be." 

How is your home life? Do you like your family or are you excited to be rid of them? How’s your mom and your pops? Got any siblings? 

Compared to his other two siblings, Milo never minded talking about his parents. “Oh I was wondering when this question would come. There’s always a question about the parents— it’s like law or something.” Milo knows out of all three of them he probably suffered less than the other two. “Well my parents were complete shit— I know that sounds rude but it’s completely true. Father never really gave a damn— he just wasn’t really a nice guy. My mother was a fucking horrible person. I know that sounds rude once again but she really was— the way she treated Summer was just the worst. I had to get them out of there so that’s what I did.” Sigh. “It’s been a while since we’ve all seen each other but I’m sure they’ll be happy to see me.” It scared him how easy it was

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? There’s plenty to do in the City That Never Sleeps, after all.

"Well being that I’m a firefighter, I don’t get a lot of free time which I’m completely okay with." For the most part, Milo spent a lot of time at the fire station. "There is always someone who needs us or a house that is burning down. I think that’s another reason why I enjoy this job, it’s never ending. Sure it can get tiresome but the adrenaline is almost addictive." That caused him to smile, a memory suddenly showing itself. "My sponsor seems to think I traded in one addiction for another— whatever the hell that means."

So tell me, lovely, is there any dirt under your fingernails? Do you enjoy a little buzz from time to time? Heavy drinker? How about drugs? And, of course, we’d love to hear all of the details of your sex life.

"Is there a point to all these questions?" He asked, suddenly in no mood to answer them. "If I wanted to be interrogated then I would have stayed a criminal— at least the person who asked the questions was fairly attractive." Running his hand over his face, this was another one that caused him to think. "Who doesn’t enjoy a drink from time to time? I mean hell being in this life isn’t really enjoyable most of the time. I’m surprised I haven’t tried to off myself, honestly. I used to be into the drug scene— now that almost killed me and yes to sex."

Are you in a relationship, darling? Tied down by the old ball and chain or are you flying solo?

Now this was always a question he hated, the idea of people wanting to know about his personal life baffled him. “Dating? —God, I haven’t been on a date since high school.” Which was completely true, Milo wasn’t really a person who liked the idea of dates. “Once I had to take care of my siblings the idea of dating or being in a relationship didn’t really mean anything.” For the longest time, Summer and Mark were the only people who he cared about. “For now it’s a lot of one night stands I suppose— we both get what we want and that’s the end of it. I don’t do complications and dating is certainly a complication when it comes to my life.” He’s not only referring to his job but his past life as well.

Is that all? Anything else you’ve been dying to get off your chest?

"I’m fairly certain you asked enough questions and I answered enough." He replied lowly, a frown suddenly appearing. "If we’re done here then I’ll take my leave." Getting up, Milo walked out of the office and headed towards his next appointment.

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